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The Future of Printing Technology is 3D Printing

Up to what extent do you think can technology innovate? Perhaps as far as a person can visualize. Technological advancements nowadays allow most of us to enjoy the comfort and convenience it brings. A new scientific idea is laid out to the public each year where someone can make another person’s dream real, thanks to the 3D printer device.

The Essence of 3D Printing

3D Printing involves the printing of something that another person can really use. The process begins simple. You can generate whatever photo you want in a computer software, and once you are done with the photo scanning, the photo will be forwarded to the printer to be printed out in a 3D format. It may sound relatively easy to do, and it probably is, you have to narrow down your choice from several printers that are commercially available and pay the corresponding amount depending on what the person who will use it is looking for and needs.


There are several applications that individuals can make use of a 3D printer. 3D printers are helpful in the field of health care because it realized the manufacturing of cheap prosthetics. Prosthetics are known to be pricey, but the 3D printed prosthetics has proven its worth in terms of effectivity and usefulness, and likewise made original prosthetics more affordable, which can be utilized in helping amputees back home or transported to war-torn nations. 3D printed human body parts such as the ears and both upper and lower torso can now be printed with the help of a 3D printer, including other medical devices such as a wheelchair. In some nations, there are still ongoing researches with the promise that maybe someday, a 3D printer can also be used to make skin printouts as well as other human tissue material that can facilitate easy skin grafting or skin replacements among patients.

One more area where 3D printers are also popular is among kids. As younger kids have an increasing interest and curiosity about their environment along with the lobbying for creative awareness, these things are instrumental in helping children come up and build their own toys.

Are you Interested in Doing 3D Printing?

For novices out there who are highly interesting in making or establishing a career in the industry, looking for the perfect equipment as well as materials are significant especially if you plan of generating income from it. The most notable filament for those who are starting out is Polylactic acid filament also known as PLA that is comprised of sustainable and environment-friendly materials. Some of the companies where you can but these filaments are ColorFabb PLA, Makerbot, 3Dom USA, and Proto-pasta. There are some companies out there that sell other printers and filament types, but you can only buy filaments that are best for beginners from the companies mentioned earlier.
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The Origin Of Pinback Buttons

Since the start of the American politics, political buttons have already been present. Way back in 1789, the American president and his supporters have worn political buttons during the inauguration. Long live the president, that is the phrase written in the political buttons which is made from brass. The first presidential campaign button was used in the 1824 presidential election in America.

The 1860 presidential campaign was the first event wherein buttons with the faces of the candidates were already used. This is the very time that supporters can see the image of their chosen candidates in the buttons. The metal disc now has a hole in the neck which can be sewed into the dress or can be made into a necklace.

A New Jersey company in 1892 is the one that is widely known as the earliest creators of buttons. In order to make the buttons more durable and vibrant the company patented the use of a material called celluloid in 1896. Today’s buttons were the same as the one that was made in 1896. Celluloid was the one who made the production of the buttons cheaper.
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Using it as a campaign material, the button has become more popular during the 1896 presidential campaign as one of the presidential candidates created over 800 designs. The buttons that were given during the campaign was the reason on why the candidate got his nomination for the party.
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The 20th century has marked Whitehead and Hogs as the leading producers of pinback buttons. Use a promotional tool by cigarettes and candy gum companies, the buttons had been a valuable promotional tool. It was handed out as a giveaway with the products. The real appreciation of the pinback buttons started on this era.

Protest buttons was also a hit aside from the political buttons. The peace sign protest buttons were the most iconic which was said to be designed in 1958. This peace sign button was first worn by protesters in England during a protest march for nuclear weapons.

The pinback buttons was an inexpensive way for early rock bands to connect to their fans. In order to promote their tours, the rock bands also used the pinback buttons as a way of advertisement.

In the present, the business of pin back buttons is still invaluable in the field of marketing and promotion. Most of the buttons of today are designed to intrigue and inform. It usually engages the customer and encourage a discourse with the sales agent.

The buttons that we knew today is the product of the development of technology. It is in the history of the buttons that we see how it evolved from its causes and purpose. Belief and passion, that’s what buttons show and not just a mere fashion accessories. While continuing to evolve, the buttons still continues to engage all of us.